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Common rail system test bench CR-825


cat pump test two oil tank JHDS cr825 common rail diesel injector test bench
Product Application
1.Motor power:22KW
2.Industrial PC with touch screen
3.Compressor cooling
4.Oil tank(including heating,refrigeration,liquid level detection,temperature detection)
5.Diesel tank(including heating,refrigeration,liquid level detection,temperature detection)
6.Flow meter(German ZDM) detecting the fuel injection flow rate
7.Flow meter(German ZDM) detection of common rail pump
8.Flow meter(German KRACHT) to detect oil flow
9.Flow meter(German KRACHT) detection of diesel oil return flow
10.2sets of BOSCH common rail +DRV
11.Oil tank temperature sensor
12.Diesel fuel tank temperature sensor
13.Diesel supply temperature sensor
14.Diesel return temperature sensor
15.Oil pressure sensor
16.Diesel supply pressure sensor
17.Diesel return pressure sensor
18.Diesel pump internal pressure sensor
19.Oil pressure closed loop control module
20.The device is convenient to move and position the roller

BC-CR825 common rail injection pump test bench
Main performance parameters
special function
EUI EUP/ HEUI CAT injector pump test 
oil tank
two,one diesel one engine oil°
injector coding
bosch ima coding function
one year warranty
whole life technical support
remote assistance
free update
engineer online answer question

Main Features
1.Test all the manufacturers of common rail injector
2.Test all the manufacturers of piezo injector
3.Test all the manufacturers of common rail pump
4.Test DENSO HP0 pump
5.Test CAT common rail (HEUI) injector
6.Test CAT common rail (HEUI) engine oil pump
7.Test CAT 320D common rail pump (the world’s first successful development)
8.Test EUI/EUP (can adjust the lift but not to change the camshaft)
9.Test VP44 VE VP37 pump
10.Test RED3 RED4 TICS ZEXEL electronic control pump
11.Drive circuit board(solenold valve electric parameters to enhance the voltage
current,time,pull in voltage ,current,time,keep voltage ,current,time,according to the setting of parameters of production factory)
12.Accept the speed sensor ,encode signal,high speed solenoid valve drive signal.Accept the speed sensor ,encoder signal,output 2 PWM drive signal, 2 way solenoid valve drive signal,1 high speed solenoid valve drive signal.
Driving signal waveform can be programed.