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Common rail system test bench CR-806

● Introduction
High pressure common rail injection pump test bench is the professional test bench for common rail system.It can test common rail pump,injector and pipe at the same time.
1. Pump test: pump flow, pressure, PVC valve working state and its own leakage.
2. Injector test: seal of the injector, injection and return quantity in pre-injection, idle, emissions and full load working condition
3. It can test pressure sensor and DRV valve.
5. With the standard data of each pump and injector.
6. Oil pressure displays on screen.
7. Test and judge tested piece full-automaticly.

● Technical parameters

1. Motor power: 7.5KW, 11KW, 15KW
2. Input voltage: 3 PHASE 380V, 3 PHASE 220V, 1 PHASE 110V, 1 PHASE 220V
3. Motor speed range: 0-4000RPM
4. Pressure adjustment range: 0-2000bar
5. Flow testing range: 0-600ml/1000times
6. Flow measurement accuracy:0.1ml
7. Temperature range: 40±2
8. Cooling system: fan or forced cooling (optional)

● Optional Fuction
1. Single flow sensor (diesel injection and return tested in turn)

2. Double flow sensors (diesel injection and return tested at the same time)

3. Weight Sensor (injectors tested at the same time and with lower requirements on diesel temperature and quality)

4. DRV valve and pump flow sensor (performances in different pump working conditions)

5. Test Denso HP0 pump

6. Test Piezo injectors of Bosch and Siemens

7. With BOSCH CP1 pump

8. Injectors mounting bracket (fast, convenient and reliable)