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HEUI test bench

● Technical parameters
1. Injector testing frequency: 50~2000 rpm
2. Pulse width: 0.1~200 ms
3. High pressure adjustment range: 0~500bar
4. Low pressure adjustment range: 0~6bar
5. Input voltage: AC 3 PHASE 380V, 3 PHASE 220V, 1 PHASE 380V, 1 PHASE 220V
6. Output power: 3KW
7. Fuel temperature:40°C
8. Lubrication oil temperature:40°C
9. Temperature control system: Fan
10. Overall dimension(MM): 1120x800x1560
11. Weight:400KG

● Function
1. Test CAT C7,C9 and other HEUI
2. Test the seal, high-speed, mid-speed and cranking diesel quantity of HEUI
3. Driving signal pulse width, frequency and inject times adjustable
4. With WINDOWS system and short-circuit protection
5. The tested data displays on screen by sensor
6. The data can be searched and stored